May 2017

11 05 2017

Darrell left for Montana about 3 or 4 days ago.  He simply called and said he wwas leaving with his friend Carl.  I did not hear from him untill yesterday and then the call was brief.  He said he was pushing on to South Dakota.  I gave notice at both jobs and plan to travel around the 24th. I guess that means I won’t be posting any pictures of our nature cruises . . at least not in WA.  No more of my photos documenting Darrell’s life and art. I feel really blocked out all of a sudden.  No returns on calls Ive made trying to find out what’s going on.  Something’s afoot.  I wonder what has caused this shift of mood all around.  I know ive been drinking too much since he left . . . but not crying around.  It’s pretty obvious it’s really, truly over . . . . no more arguing and getting hurt all the time . . but also no more humor, no one to fuss over or share things with.  These people here are still, after all these years, alien to me. As much as I fretted over some of the things Indian country was pulling, and problems that impacted my life I remain closer in understanding with the Sioux ( and some would debate that)  than most people here.  I do hope there is not some nefarious plot in action that I am in denial of . . or last to discover.  It seems like a lot of his Native friends pooled together to fix his car and get him out-of-town.


What a relief . . sort of.  Darrell fell off the wagon.  Made it to his rez. Got arrested for fighting and thrown in jail for a few days.  I guess its a pretty rough jail .  His brother Dallas is there too.

They are in there together. God . . . i wonder what is running through his mind right now.  Remorse??  Are his dreams of going back and taking his place and getting that house and helping is family shattered?? Is one quick stroke he is back to being homeless, drunk and criminalized.  He was sober quite a long time . . .

I too have had so much running through my mind.  I too have been feeling shattered .  I went over to his place yesterday and the emotions were too deep .  i couldnt take it I ha to leave.  Perhaps there is still time to rescue it . I have called and called his workers but since they have not called back . . . ( nor has Paul)  there is nothing i can do. Is all this planned? Did he give instructions to his people not to include me further?  At least his family was quick to track hi down when i called and quick to get on the phone and let me in on his where abouts.  The Lakota are better, really swift  that way . . . . than the rest of these assholes who insist on controlling social reality up here.

I look like hell too, like a destroyed ugly old frump.  Feeling lost and baffled.  But I feel better this morning since Curtis called, and Darrell’s cousin as well.  I guess he lost his phone charger . . that explains why no calls.

Worked all night.  Carrying on despite everything.  I have the logistics of my own journey to work out now.  Went down to d.s.h.s. and did the paperwork to get my health premiums covered again and food stamps started up for upcoming months.  Also completed all the paperwork for social security review . . . . please, please let them keep me on social security.  Im going to need it next month.  Why do i have to choose between rescuing Darrel’s place or mine when I need to travel too.  I being hit up by everyone right now  . .feels like a collective punishment . . . lawsuit, rent incease, social security review that may cancell my benifits, and now . . . . no real income for June if that social security is cancelled.  So what I am doing . . saving?  Being frugal?  Not at all. Spending selfishly on clothes and booze.  Not this week however . . . . .Feeling better, on track . .not like a deer  in the headlights watching everything crumble into disaster.

May 17

have been perusing this kind of material and want to explore it more in depth.




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