“You never let …

16 04 2013

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel, former White House Chief Of Staff to Barack Obama


It remains to be seen if these attacks are right wing terrorism ,false  flag or something else.  these attacks have fallen on Patriots day . . which has had significance to right winger militia types in the past. also tax day . . it does look suspicious.  How ever, once again there are some things that sugest there might be a false flag involved.  Both info wars . . and w.s.w.s.(socialist perspective) point out the same thing . . . that this event is likely to be exploited for greater militarization of our society, tighter security and surveilance. the right brings up their concerns about gun legislation.  The far left notes that while these event are tragic, the United States engages in bombings all over the globe without much of a protest from peopler, particularly the drone strikes.


Friday April 19.2013 ( following the Explosions in Texas.)

“Industrial accidents are appallingly common in the United States. As the World Socialist Web Site recently noted nearly 4 million workers are injured on the job each year—11,000 every day. In 2011, over 4,600 workers died from work-related injuries in the US—90 every week, or 13 each day. Corporations are allowed to preside over what can only be described as an “industrial slaughterhouse,” with regulatory agencies either unable or unwilling to act.

Although a small company, West Fertilizer Company, owned by Adair Grain Inc., is no exception. In the past decade, the factory has been fined for safety violations and for operating without a permit.”

from an article in W.S.W.S




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